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Are you for the local Mom and Pop Business?
If so…we should work together.

There’s a major problem caused by the fact that local money that is spent at chain retailers return only 13.6% of the revenue back into the local community. However, money that is spent with independent businesses returns 48%.

Local Economic Return of indies

The solution is Local Business Alliance Community Marketing.  Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Shift The Dollars

    By showing buyers what is possible when more money is reinvested back into the

    community, we can encourage residents to shift their dollars a mere 10% from the big box stores back to the independent local businesses.

  • Step 2: Pool The Resources

    Lead businesses to grow their businesses by pooling together their marketing dollars.  This creates low-cost high-impact community marketing campaigns which better communicate small business relevance and value to the local buyers.

  • Step 3: Share the Success

    Facilitate workshops and mastermind sessions to spread the best practices and create synergy between the businesses. Additionally, provide ongoing education relative to business owners’ needs.

Some examples of Now Shop Local’s community marketing campaigns:

Consumer Education

  • Shop local signage
  • Shopping bag inserts
  • Local flyers
  • Mobile banners
  • Social media
  • Radio spots

Business Co-op

  • Mobile and desktop state of the art local business directory
  • Low-cost direct mail
  • Low-cost digital
  • Co-op marketing allows businesses to reach their market for less than nine cents each

Example Workshops

  • Finding your ideal customer
  • The local, mobile, social solution
  • Uniqueness strategy
  • Problem and solution as a value proposition

Why us?

Ken Rickerman – A Local Marketing Renegade who left a big corporate marketing agency after 17 years to help small businesses compete against the big brands.  Having worked with 1000’s of independent businesses and executing over $250 million in marketing campaigns, his experience and expertise is second to none. An entrepreneur himself, Ken built his own fitness business and helped create one of the top charter schools in California. He is excited to be a mentor for the CSUN Entrepreneurial Program, helping young entrepreneurs compete in “Shark Tank” style and pitch, launch, and grow their new ventures.  Ken loves being in the corner of the small-medium local business owner.

Rebecca Canady has a dual master’s degree in Child Development and Business Administration; her energy and creative drive supports the operations of Now Shop Local…and yes, Ken and Bec are a husband/wife team. They live in Granada Hills with their 2 boys, Clay, who is 16 and Zach, who is 11, and their 8-year-old Shih-Poo dog Scout.

Why now?

Local Independent Businesses need help finding their way in their local markets before the big box stores take even more market share and dollars from our local communities in 2016.

Now Shop Local was the first local business alliance in Los Angeles! However, the state of California, especially the Los Angeles area, is still far behind the times. Let’s change that here in our community!

Please call or email us with any questions you may have.

Thank you!




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